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    4x41234 Gm App

    Post  4x41234 on Fri Jul 09, 2010 9:59 pm

    1.My real Name is Steven, And my IGN is EvanbetterHa

    2.My age is 12.

    3.I live in California GMT -8:00 PST

    4.My reason to be a GM for Dxbms is to help the server be at its best without hackers, scammers, and unloyal People.
    Second,I have experience of being A GM in 2 servers (Fallencity And Ripoff).
    Since I am 12 and it is summer,i will have a lot of time to be on the server while other GMS Aren't.I am Also very nice and helpful, so the new players will find their away around.

    I hope this get accepted fast!

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