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    Edioo s NEW GM aply topic!!!


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    Edioo s NEW GM aply topic!!!

    Post  edioo on Sun Jul 11, 2010 2:00 pm

    Hello, im Edio Andrade
    Im 15
    My time is GMT+8
    Hey this is my new upgraded topic, using image shack i made it a little more confident and nice for viewers, here is all my work, and all my info.(( Smile your making edioo, the player in edioedio acount Smile )),
    Im here in my profile edioo, user name of DxBms: edioedio,my Character: edioo , and here ill say what im offering to you! Very Happy

    Ive been GM in 5 servers V55, that means this its not my first time, I want to be Gm becouse I really like this server, people are friendly and it looks like its gonna be here with us for alot of time.

    I ve created NPCs, Ive done very nice websites, I can help on maintence of server, and help many new playerss, and ive got many friends interested in playing on a GOOD private sever like thiss (( Smile with this i mean that they only want to play, im not posting them for GM aply, Ill tell them to play so we have more peole on server Smile )) , being GM I can help them and they will not only play, they will donate and vote. Always being online I will help and be on guard of every hacker or scamming player on the server.

    And not tolerating hackers, I will help everybody, and always be on duty doing my best to help all you guys! In anything i can help, im going for it, never giving up i will help everyone that needs help or haves doubts, and alot of more things that im giving to this wonderfull server!
    I yust want to help on this server, a very good one by the way, and im now in vacations, school begins in october, I got many time to play and help!
    thnx to all the GMs for making this contest possible, thnx to every one, thnx to DxBms maple story server!

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