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    Griml2eaper's GM Application.


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    Griml2eaper's GM Application.

    Post  death0619 on Mon Jul 12, 2010 4:22 pm

    1. IGN- GrimL2eaper

    2. Age- 14

    3. Location/Time Zone- I currently live in Florida which is EST.

    4. GM Position- A Level 3 GM or Level 4 SuperGM

    5. Reason- There are many reasons I would like to become a GM for DxbStory. Three of the main reasons are that I like to help out people, host events, and get rid of hackers or people who don't follow the ToS. If someone asks me for help I would help them out right away unless I am currently helping out someone else, not wait 10 minutes because I don't feel like helping him/her. I would provide events daily for players to enjoy so they don't get bored, some of the events I normally host on private servers are Hide & Seek, Jump Quests, and Boss Hunts. If I saw a hacker I would give them a warning, if they didn't stop I'd jail them for a bit, and after the jail if they still continued I would ban. For people that aren't hacking but are abusing a glitch/ToS I would consult an admin of a higher level than me before banning.

    6.Experience- I have been a GM in many servers and Co-Host in 1. Some of the servers I remember being GM in are B12MS, CanadianMS, LoveSCREAMStory, RogueStory, RoyalCityMS, and LawlMS. I was a Co-Owner in SantaMS.

    Ok Well that's my GM Application, I first sent an E-Mail of a different version of my application to the E-Mail on the main page so read whichever one you like more. (I think this one is more organized) As a side note, I am not a GM to abuse my powers, I usually don't like to ban people for anything but if someone deserves to be banned then I would ban them but I won't ever ban people for no reason whatsoever. Thank You for your time in reading this,

    E-Mail is Cheesehead0619@Hotmail.com
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    Re: Griml2eaper's GM Application.

    Post  Game Master on Mon Jul 12, 2010 5:17 pm

    K Ty ..

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