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    MisterTEEhee GM application.


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    MisterTEEhee GM application.

    Post  MisterTEEhee on Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:11 am

    IGN . MisterTEEhee
    Age . 16
    How Much time I could play: almost everyday, I try to keep it up to 3-5 hours max.

    Hello, I'm Tyler Do && I would like to become a GM for DxB Story. I have a little experience in being a GM. With this little experience I will try to make this server one of the best, and try to have everybody have fun with DxB Story. I am ABSOLUTELY NOT racist! Following your example post, I won't ban anybody because they annoy me, or because of their character skin color, or if I'm just bored. I find GMs who do that a disgrace to the server that they're playing in. I will follow ALL rules, and never goof off, or do anything to ruin the fun for other players. I will try my best to bring the best in other people, and also in myself. I have been playing Maple Story for 5 years( 1 real Maple Story and 4 year for Private servers.) , I would LOVE to be a GM in DxB Story, I promise to bring out the best in EVERYBODY. I will make sure that nothing goes wrong. If this promise is broken while being a GM, you can ban this account. I am determined to do the best. Thank you for taking the time into reading this application.


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