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    Topgun's Gm app


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    Topgun's Gm app

    Post  Topgun on Sun Jul 18, 2010 4:36 pm

    Personal info:
    My IGN is Topgun, but I rather just be called Bill since thats my name. I am 19 and I am not racists and very hard to annoy also if I do manage to get annoyed I simply would leave or make myself invisible like I used to on PhyzMS when I was a GM. I am also big on rules and easy to get along with. As you can see from this my grammar and spelling are both pretty good, though since I am human I make mistakes sometimes, it is easy to understand what I am saying unlike people who abbreviate every word haha.

    I have played more then my fair share of private servers I played GMS for more then two years on Windia and I had my own guild there. As for private servers, I have been playing them for a year or two haven't played GMS seriously since I was around 16, I have been randomly playing private servers since I quit GMS. I like this server and I do have GM experience from PhyzMS I was a GM there up until the owner shut it down to go to GMS.

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