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    [GM-APP]Tommy(: (Must Read) 7/31/10

    Post  Tommy(: on Sat Jul 31, 2010 5:12 pm

    Name: Tommy Andrew Nguyen

    Age: 16; Turning 17 on October 8, 2010.

    IGN: Tommy

    Time Zone: California, San Diego (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

    Hours online:
    Weekdays; Monday - Friday: 12:00AM - 2:00AM
    Weekends; Saturday - Sunday: 10:00AM - Whenever I sleep.

    Why you want to be a GM:

    Elaborated verbalization from many others, my reasons for wanting to be a GM are clear and simple. Through my moments in DxBMStory, I’ve seen many in need of assistance and help. I would love nothing more than to aid and regulate those that are in need of it. I will be there not only to replace the absence of the GMs that are offline but to do my job as is. I want to ameliorate the game play so everyone is satisfied as they are playing in DxBMStory. Hackers on the other hand are an intricacy problem during game play. It’s unfair to others as they’re training through hours and some people hack their way up to level 200 and begin rebirthing. Besides that, there are many people that are beginning to dupe items by packet editing. Something has to be discharged and I’m willing to make an effect to help the community of DxBMStory and all the members in it.

    What you will do as a GM:

    As a GM, I would satisfy and resolve the issues from all players in need. Many people in the game are pretty slick being that they would set their cheat engine to a max damage of 1,999,999,999, etc. so they can prevent reaching the damage cap. I will endeavor banning all those that try to get away with hacking and duping. I will help all newcomers to the game because I know it’s quite hard to level up and begin rebirthing since everything is a bit expensive but that’s preferably already taken care of because I know many people and I give assist to those that are in need. I will host events daily so members of DxBMStory will have an opportunity to achieve event tickets and other prizes. Besides the community and the entity of DxBMStory, the dialect spoken in game has to be mellow, also known as being mature. Maplestory is a game for members in it to have a vast amount of fun and amusement. It isn't for members to bane on others or cuss here and there. I'm pretty sure everyone cusses because they just can't help themselves but it has to be reduced and declined. My doings would be to cease the conflicts and bizzare activities that go on during the game to prevent further conflicts.

    How you can help the server as a GM:

    It’s easy as a quote from Barney: “Sharing is caring”. It’s easy to enthrall many people as you give the help and assistance to their convenience. By helping the community of DxBMStory, it can prevent members going berserk for not getting what they want. Without a simple task of availing others, it may cause the members of DxBMStory to react in a canny way such as hacking, duping, or even act retarded (Blasphemy thoughts about the server as well advertising for another server). During a crisis like this, I would ban them right away. By ceasing the conflicts and bizzare activities that go on during the game, I'm pretty incontrovertible about how it would help the server. It would definitely cause less problems for other members of DxBMStory as well as for the GMs.

    How long you have played DxBMStory:

    I’ve been playing DxBMStory for approximately 2 Weeks now. Since it’s the summer, I am definitely a lot more active then I was before when school was still up.

    How long you have played GMS:

    I’ve been playing GMS since 05 so approximately 5 years. It’s an on and off thing for me since I got hacked 2 years ago. However, I do prefer to play Private Servers because I find them more appealing to my likings. I switched to private servers 2 years ago and I’ve been playing them ever since.

    What makes you stand out:

    My personality would have to be what makes me really stand out. I’m not boisterous but I’m quite amusing, fun and loving to be with. Besides that, I’m rarely ever in a bad mood unless I’m stressing over something or someone or something pissed me off to a point where I can’t even manage my own anger. I am really straight forward with most matters because I like to keep things simple and manageable. Besides my personality, I can speak several languages to which I’m able to help people of different races. I’m able to speak fluent Chinese, English, Hainanese, some Spanish, and some Korean. I’m pretty perspicacious if I shouldn’t say so myself. I’m really observant to what’s going on around. I’m not going to talk boastingly but I’ve got to say that I’m quite ingenious and I have a cognition to just write dissertating about bountiful circumstances. I'm quite acquaint to everyone around me and that's probably how I tend to make many new friends anywhere. To accumulate your talents and skills and express them to others can really bring out a change. It definitely is what makes you truly stand out.

    What commands you will mainly use as a Gm?

    Gm commands are a keen utility to ordain the community of the Private Server so I definitely will not abuse the powers that are given to me. I will use them wisely as I will not use them intemperately to cause any disorderly effects to any members or characteristics on DxBMStory.

    !ban – If a member of DxBMStory is hacking, duping, or advertising other private servers on this server, they will be banned. (Screen shot will be provided if the person was to appeal their ban).
    !cheaters – I will use this daily to see any suspicions of hackers, cheaters, etc.
    !event – I will use this command to host an event if permitted to do so.
    !jail – If warned a particular amount of times, will jail if the person is not comprehending with the directions.
    !say – If there was any notice that I needed everyone to know, this would be the command I would use.

    Experience as a GM:

    I’ve been a GM in 2-3 Maple story Private Servers before. I’ve been a GM in ProzstyleMs and ProdigyMs. I also played TropixStoryMs with a friend of mine and he was the GM and I would help him out from time to time. The owners were Mario and another Mario and one of them knew me so he was fine with it. I’ve had previous experience as a GM but I’m sure there are a lot more to learn. I have the potential to be a GM and I’m not quiescent at all. With my experience as being a GM, I’m not dormant but really active. I’ve helped out many people with their issues and problems with the server and many other things. I’ve helped coding but to be honest, I’m not that quite good at it so I’m not going to post a application for that on this server unless I get better and enough for me to think that I’m able to qualify. I know my commands quite well and I know their conclusions and effects of what’s going to happen after them being used. Help can be passed down from a more experienced game master to a new game master and I’m sure they would be willing to help me with the job as a GM if I did get such an achievement for DxBMStory. With all that, I’m always willing to learn more from all the current GMs.

    Will you quit this server if your application is denied? Be honest, this won't hold against you.

    I’d be abashed if I was to quit this server because I didn’t get the spot as a GM. Even without the endowment of being a GM, I’m still going to play and help the members of DxBMStory. I wouldn't quit just because I didn’t get the roll as a GM. I have many friends that I recruited to play DxBMStory as well as I’ve made new friends on the server. It is an awe-inspiring server that I will truly enjoy until it shuts down. DxBMStory was the only server that I’ve stayed on for hours of time and still haven’t quit after a week of playing. There are many servers out there that are just defunct and penetrate my mind with boredom. I appreciate all the GMs and the Owner of course who helps make the server alacrity of fun. I will continue to be a regular member of DxBMStory even if I didn’t get the job as a GM. Besides that, it would be disrespectful to the game and of course the members. What kind of respect do you show for the community of DxBMStory if you quit due to your GM application being denied. That evidently shows that you’ve only played DxBMStory just for the spot as a GM. You could care less about the true significance of the game and everyone that you had once met. I have met many new, wonderful people in DxBMStory and for a fact, I know I will not be leaving them anytime soon nor will I be leaving the game.

    Contact Info:
    Aim; kinkyyxtommy

    Info Info:
    Due to the fact, your GM outline, is not good enough to enhance the true witness of being a real GM. I wanted to state out strong facts about me being a GM ( Of course, you don't have to accept me as a GM ). A GM is a role, when just One person helps out the community on there well being. I strongly recommend, don't denied the post because I strongly un-handly denied your GM format. I'm really really concern this format, is a strong enhancement of being a true Gamemaster to the DxBMStory Community.

    Thankyou for reading (:

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